Hinterlands playtest packet

Hinterlands materials (draft 0.9).pdf (page 1 of 34) 2017-07-18 15-52-20.jpeg
Hinterlands materials (draft 0.9).pdf (page 1 of 34) 2017-07-18 15-52-20.jpeg

Hinterlands playtest packet


A roleplaying game about class and community in a small rural town, far from the centers of power in a fantasy kingdom. Powered by the Apocalypse.

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This is a free, playtest version of a game I’ve been developing off & on for a few years. I’ve run several playtests of this game, enough to know it’s playable enough to enjoy, but I know there are still plenty of rough edges too. The playtest packet PDF includes:

  • Thematic & mechanical overview, and glossary

  • Basic moves sheet

  • 13 playbooks

  • Village creation/record sheet

  • GM sheet, including 1st session tips

That’s all the materials you’d need to print off for playing, and a short overview of the game’s system. It’s very brief, and mostly an introduction for the tone & genre the game aims for. Familiarity with other Powered by the Apocalypse games is definitely useful! In particular, Sagas of the Icelanders, Apocalypse World: Dark Age, and Monsterhearts have the most overlap with this game.

More information about about this game is available at the Hinterlands mini-site, too. The mini-site also includes a pair of tools to auto-generate villages, plus characters & relationships between them. Handy to hit the ground running in a one-shot!

If you do run this game, I’d love to hear what went well, what went poorly, or any other feedback. Drop me a line!