Each of the games above is available freely! They're also open for addition, remixing, etc. under the terms of an Attribution/Non-commercial/ShareAlike license from Creative Commons. (If you have an idea for something cool that might be commercial, get at me & we'll talk!)

Design-wise, they're a mix of influences but have the most resemblance to roleplaying games. Other labels that fit the games I've made could be storygame, freeform larp, or game poem. Lately, I've been trying to cross-pollinate those elements as much as possible with an eye toward online play. Analog & tabletop games that do make the leap to digital spaces are rarely optimized at their core for the features & limits of forums, social media, chat tools, etc. More and more, that's the uncharted space I want to explore.

Of my other works-in-progress, there's nothing for sale just yet. Feel free to follow my game design thoughts via the Notes blog, my current ideas/projects in Concepts, peep the official Twitter account, or simply check back whenever strikes your fancy.